2,4 mm Jack Solderless End Launch Connector--en

Longtrx ger olika skarvar av splint typ lödfria kontakter, inklusive 1,85 mm, 2,4 mm, 2,92 mm, etc. De har låg stående våg. Fast med skruv, den är lödfri och lätt att ansluta och koppla bort. Det är återvinningsbart och lätt att installera. Det är ett ekonomiskt val i test och verifiering på lång sikt.







Why weldless end launch connector?

RF coaxial connectors, especially microwave and millimeter wave coaxial connectors are flourishing in high-speed digital and precision sensing applications, and Nowadays highly compact and interconnected microwave and millimeter wave systems call for interconnection between printed circuit boards (PCBs) with minimal losses and mechanical strength.

There are various solutions such as soldered coaxial interconnects for PCBs, as well as custom RF connector harnesses and pins.

While weldless end launch connectors are solder-free and It is retained through mechanical method. The outer conductor is screw-locked, which excels over conventional connectors: it deletes soldering failures ruining  the entire PCB board and  reduces cost by repeated usage.


High-performance End Launch connectors features low VSWR, quick response for single layer or multilayer PCBs where high-frequency signals are transmitted on top layers.

The frequency is available from DC to 110 GHz (1.0 mm coaxial connector), DC to 67 GHz (1.85 mm coaxial connector), DC to 50 GHz (2.4 mm coaxial connector) and DC to 40 GHz (2.92 mm coaxial connector).



High data transfer

Bit error rate test


External conductor: stainless steel (passivated)

Medium: PEI or PTFE

Inner conductor: beryllium bronze gold plated

Environmental conditions Temperature: -55~+165℃

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